LC-MS for peptide separation and characterization

  • NMR

    Bruker Avance 600 and 700 magnet

  • Tecan and plate reader

    Tecan robot and Infinite F500 plate reader

  • Small Molecules

    Experimental and computational approaches to drug design

  • NMR Sample Changer

    Temperature controlled, 96-tubes sample racks can be handled in automation

Structural Biology

Research in our laboratory aims to establish the structural basis of the mechanism of action of different peptide hormones.

Biophysical Chemistry

Studies of the interaction of the hormones with their G-protein coupled receptors employ a combination of spectroscopic techniques (NMR, EPR, fluorescence, CD), photoaffinity labeling, and extensive computer simulations.

Rational Drug Design

The structures provided from these efforts have facilitated the rational design of molecules with enhanced potency, receptor specificity, and duration of action.

NMR Spectroscopy

High-resolution NMR methods provide structural features of the protein domains, both while free and bound to the target receptor.

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