Commerce, Predation, and Production

Commerce, Predation, and Production: A New Theory of Economic Progress
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1. A new theory of economic progress

Part I. Deriving the theory from the European evidence

1a. A brief introduction to preindustrial Europe

Section 1. Production

2. Expansion of the market

3. The reorganization of production

4. Technological progress

5. Entrepreneurs and cities

Section 2. Commerce and finance

6. Commerce as an economic activity

7. The development of commerce

8. The commercial system of payments and remittance

9. Financing commerce, production, and government

Section 3. Predation and government

10. Predation and government as economic activities

11. The evolution of government

12. Government and economic progress

Part II. Testing the theory on the Chinese evidence

13. The nature of government in China

14. Government and economic progress in China

15. The development of commerce and finance in China

16. The devolpment of production in China

Part III. Summary and application

17. What we have learned

18. Some thoughts on economic development and on the problems of the developed economies

Appendix: The new theory as a new framework for economics as a whole