Current Projects

Juliette Madan“Neonatal Microbiome, Exposures and Infection”

Juliette Madan, MD, MS, assistant professor of pediatrics, leads the project investigating the neonatal microbiome. Building on her current research in babies with cystic fibrosis and prematurity, Dr. Madan is investigating intestinal bacterial colonization in pre- and full-term infants and how they are connected to infection and allergy risk.



Punshon“Assessing Maternal-Fetal Exposure Pathways Using Bio-imaging”

Tracy Punshon, PhD, research assistant professor of biological sciences at Dartmouth College, leads the project assessing maternal-fetal exposure pathways using bio-imaging. Dr. Punshon’s research examines the relationship between maternal and infant biomarker concentrations, placental concentrations and distribution, and possible modification by candidate gene polymorphisms.



Hoen “Functional Studies of the Developing Infant Gut Microbiota Using Metabolomics”

Anne Hoen, PhD, assistant professor of epidemiology, leads the project investigating functional studies of the developing infant gut microbiota using metabolomics. Dr. Hoen is investigating the infant nutritional factors that shape gut microbiota function in the first year of life, integrating with ongoing DNA sequence-based microbiome characterizations of the same samples, and will explore the role of the gut microbiota in mediating associations between nutritional factors and health outcomes in infants and young children.


Completed Projects

brock2 “Early Risk Factor Related Epigenetic Alterations in Breast Cancer Pathogenesis”

Brock Christensen, PhD, associate professor of epidemiology, leads the Biorepository Core and completed a project investigating early risk factor related epigenetic alterations in breast cancer pathogenesis.


GilbertDiamond“Relation Between In–utero Vitamin D and Immune Function in Early Childhood”

Diane Gilbert-Diamond, ScD, assistant professor of epidemiology, led a project investigating maternal and infant cord blood vitamin D concentrations, and childhood allergy/atopy and infection.

Pilot Projects

The Center is pleased to fund new Pilot Studies to advance Molecular Epidemiology at Dartmouth and beyond:

Dr. Elizabeth Barry: “Effects of obesity on pathways driving early colorectal carcinogenesis”
Dr. Jennifer Doherty: “Methylation subtypes of ovarian cancer in African American women”
Dr. Carmen Marsit: “Nested case-control study of epigenetic markers of early-life wheeze”

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