The Biorepository Core serves as a resource to process, track, store, retrieve and prepare biological samples for the research projects within the Center for Molecular Epidemiology.

Critical to successful molecular epidemiologic research are high quality, accessible human biological samples. Automated specimen processing and freezer storage systems are being developed to provide specialized expertise to the proposed projects for the five-year COBRE award, and ultimately produce a sustainable institutional and regional resource Core for Molecular Epidemiology.

Core Leadership

Wendy Wells, MD, professor of pathology






Brock Christensen, PhD, associate professor of epidemiology






Elizabeth Barry, PhD, assistant professor of epidemiology





Dr. Thomas Palys serves as the Biorepository Laboratory Manager, providing direct day-to-day management of the biorepository operations. Dr. Palys has many years of experience managing research, and clinical and epidemiology laboratory operations in the private and public sectors.

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