What are former Astronomy and Nature Guides saying?

“Without a doubt, Mountains of Stars was my most important college experience. Nothing else offered me the chance to professionally apply my curriculum and skills so directly.” – Carthage student, summer 2014

“Participating in this program was easily the best decision I’ve made. Not only do you get to learn about telescopes and the night sky in one of the most beautiful environments around, but you also get to teach others in a variety of fun and unique ways. Its great when you can teach people about the scale of the universe, the details of our planets, or the dynamics of stellar evolution, but it is genuinely rewarding show them exactly what you mean through a telescope and seeing their excited reactions. Of all the possible summer internships available in astronomy, I really do think that this one is the most fun, educational, beautiful, and gratifying.” – Dartmouth student, summer 2017

“The White Mountains are a great place to help expand your view of the universe.” – Carthage student, summer 2013

“This program helped me find my passion for science outreach, and provided me with valuable experience all while having an amazing time in the beautiful White Mountains.” – Carthage student, summer 2014

“I had a phenomenal summer working for the Mountains of Stars program. I learned a lot about general astronomy and telescope operation, and my experience teaching astronomy to a wide variety of audiences improved my oral and written communication skills significantly. The beautiful White Mountains added a unique aspect to the program: the rugged surroundings, the opportunity to hold programs at AMC huts, and the ability to hike all over the place in my free time—not to mention the relatively dark skies!—all helped make the summer special. I highly recommend this program to anyone who loves astronomy, the outdoors, or—if you’re like me—both!” – Dartmouth student, summer 2015

“The months I spent in the White Mountains as a part of the Mountains of Stars program were some of the most instructive of my undergraduate career. Not only was I able to hone my skills as a science educator from sunrise until past sunset, but being able to take advantage of the natural beauty of the Whites and their night skies. Mountains of stars is a fantastic outreach program to work for; you are able to reach tens of thousands of people while developing yourself into a better and more effective public astronomer.” – Dartmouth student, summer 2015

“This is very different from the REUs we’re used to applying for. This program helps you develop your ability to research current events and present those in creative and engaging ways to an audience that likely is not up to date on the latest mineral mapping on Mars. The amount of presentations you give is definitely good practice for the future.” – Stony Brook student, summer 2017

“There’s no greater feeling than showing someone some phenomena or cosmic thing they’ve never seen before, and then explaining how that far-off speck of light has changed their life here on Earth. The wonder and disbelief in their eyes is worth it all.” – Univ. of Oregon student, summer 2016