In an age in which all forms of knowledge and experience can find their way to the computer, computation is central to many of the investigations and innovations that range across the humanities, arts, and sciences. The mission of the Neukom Institute for Computational Science at Dartmouth College is to support this broad view of computational investigation across Dartmouth’s campus, and to catalyze creative thought throughout the Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, and Business, for undergraduates, graduate students and faculty.



David Hirsch, Media Relations Officer, Dartmouth College


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10.25.17 • Neukom Institute to Honor the World’s Most Spectacular Speculative Fiction


More about the Neukom Institute’s Director: Dan Rockmore 

• Dan Rockmore, Neukom Director, William H. Neukom 1964 Distinguished Professor of Computational Science, and Associate Dean of Science faculty. Dan came to the College in 1991, after completing his undergraduate work at Princeton University and earning his Ph.D. at Harvard University. In 1995, he was one of 15 scientists awarded a five-year Presidential Faculty Fellowship from the White House for excellence in education and research. He is a member of the external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute and since 2005, Dan has directed its Complex Systems Summer School. The Institute is the pre-eminent center in the world for research in complex systems, the discipline that brings to bear computational methods for investigations into the structure of evolutionary phenomena.

At Dartmouth, Dan holds appointments in two academic departments, Math and Computer Science, and advances interdisciplinary work at Dartmouth, through his leadership at the Neukom Institute for Computational Science.


Neukom Institute for Computational Science, Dartmouth