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As much as we hate to see her go, Cuiping Yao is leaving to return to China.  Here we are at her goodbye lunch.



Here is the lab after Dr. Pogue’s MacLean Professorship lecture, October 2018.




Rachael has a wonderful way of explaining her poster.




Our growing Optics in Medicine Lab, with 30 of 36 members, is shown below after a summer luncheon.

Spring is on its way, and the Optics in Medicine group celebrated in our favorite way: with food!

Check out the new addition to our lab, young Edwin with his Mom.

SPIE’s Photonics West Conference in January 2017 featured presentations by many of our current PhD students including

Ethan LaRochelle (on the left)


Mike Nieskoski (below)

and Bo McClatchy (below, right)





Biophotonics and ping pong?                         Powell St. cable cars at night







Alisha and Ana presented at SPIE in 2016.





And our friend Summer moderated a session.

 Happy Holidays, 2015 – Optics in Medicine lunch

Riding on a cable car in San Franscisco at SPIE Photonics West in 2014 are Ana Ribeiro de Souza, Sally Hull, Jason Gunn, and Kimberley Samkoe

Tour of the Center for Surgical Innovation – future PhD student Ethan LaRochelle, Kayla Marra, Sally Hull, and Jason Gunn

                                                                   Alisha’s poster at the DCCNE Cancer Nanotechnology Symposium 2014

Jonathan’s poster DCCNE Cancer Nanotechnology Symposium 2014

Rongxiao discusses his poster with Jacqueline at the DCCNE Cancer Nanotechnology Symposium 2014

                                                                              Congrats Rongxiao!

                           Crowd shot at the Symposium with Dr. Scott Davis

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