Hasan Photodynamic Therapy Program retreat

Tayyaba Hasan and Brian Pogue in conference.

Researchers from Thayer spent the day prior to the SPIE Photonics West conference at a Photodynamic Therapy Program retreat with colleagues from the Wellman Center for Photomedicine/Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University (the project’s leaders), the Mayo Clinic, University College London, and the Cleveland Clinic.

The program is split into three Cores and four Projects, with aims to conduct research on combined PDT therapies for skin cancer and pancreatic and biliary tract cancer, conduct imaging and tomography, image and model guided dosimetry, and feedback the results for continued improvement.  This retreat was just one of many held over the past several years.

We videoconferenced with other program staff in Boston (at right).

And we reported progress in each program area (at left).



Steve Pereira (University College London) and Ken Wang (Mayo Clinic) discuss clinical trials using combined PDT therapy.


Table for 20 please

We always enjoy a meal of Indian food together, with Tayyaba guiding the way.  It’s hard to beat the cuisine in San Francisco!

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