Samkoe molecular imaging paper featured at WMIC Highlight Seminar

Kimberley Samkoe, PhD, was honored to have her conference abstract chosen for presentation at the Highlight Lecture that kicked off the September 2017 World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in Philadelphia.

The paper was entitled, “Quantitative molecular imaging of intracellular signaling in an in ovo avatar model of pancreatic cancer for predicting personalized response to molecular therapies within one week of laparoscopic biopsy.”  Dr. Samkoe presented the clinical and laboratory research and findings of the study she led with colleagues from the Illinois Institute for Technology and the Oregon Health and Science University.  

In the study, human tumor lines were used to produce in ovo avatars and to develop and validate a rapid, in vivo assay that predicts therapy efficacy outcomes through changes in intracellular signaling proteins for individual patients.  Dr. Samkoe and her research partners believe this model will be substantially faster and more cost effective than traditional patient-derived xenograft mouse models.



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