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Who is the patient that helps you

We all know that one patient who asked just the right question, or shared a story, that made a difference in how we deliver care, and improved our work as clinicians and researchers. We learn through their eyes how to be better caregivers, physicians, nurses and people.

This course is for those patients. We will train patients with unique insights, good stories, and strong opinions to become Patient Advisors. They will learn about the principles of vascular disease, medical research, and patient-centered research. After their training they will know how to review and apply their insight to improve research proposals, develop patient-centered clinical plans, QA/QI initiatives and interpret study results.

Once they have completed the training, these Patient Advisors will be given the opportunity to attend a scientific conference and collaborate with researchers and clinicians. We will select 10 to 15 people to attend the Vascular Annual Meeting in June 2017 in San Diego. At that conference, they will have the opportunity to learn about vascular research and treatments, to share their own stories, and to socialize with clinicians and researchers interested in doing patient-centered research.

Refer Your Patients to the Patient Advisors Course

Please refer your patients to take our course. We will contact them to discuss the course, answer any of their questions, and help them sign up.

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