Open Online Mathematics

I strongly believe in broadening access to high-quality higher level education. Being a mathematician, I have a particular interest in mathematics education.

Our current project, Curated Courses (, aims to create a peer-reviewed repository of high-quality open online educational resources for mathematics instruction. The project is collaborative, aligned with standards and popular textbooks, and posted content is carefully curated by experts. This project is funded by NSF grant DUE-1505246.

I have furthermore co-organized the following meetings that address issues around open online mathematics instruction:

  • CuratedCourses in Linear Algebra, (with S. Eichhorn, D. Farmer and J. Fowler), The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, June 7-10, 2017.
  • Flipping your Linear Algebra Course using Open Educational Resources, (with D. Farmer, J. Fowler and S. Eichhorn), Minicourse at JMM Atlanta, January 4-7, 2017.
  • CuratedCourses Workshop, (with S. Eichhorn, D. Farmer and J. Fowler), American Institute of Mathematics, August 8-12, 2016.
  • Digital Open Mathematics Education, (with J. Chadam, S. Eichhorn, J. Fowler and S. Furino), Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, June 20-22, 2016.
  • Open Online Mathematics Instruction, (with J. Chadam and J. Fowler), Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, August 5-6, 2014. Click here for a video archive of some of the presentations.
  • Mathematics in the time of MOOCs, (with J. Chadam and J. Fowler), American Institute of Mathematics, February 2-9, 2014.

Further meetings are forthcoming.

I have also created a MOOC entitled Analysis of a Complex Kind on the Coursera platform in the Fall of 2013. In the Summer of 2016, a new edition of this course launched on Coursera in on-demand form. My goal with this course was to reach out to people around the world and spark in them a lasting interest and curiosity in a beautiful corner of mathematics. To find out more about my experience, read my contribution to Musings on MOOCs in the AMS Notices. My course consists of video lectures (screen casts produced by annotating slide shows), in-lecture quizzes (as pretty much all MOOCs do), peer-graded assignments (ask me how that went…), weekly homework and a final exam.

All of my videos for this MOOC are available on my YouTube channel.

Here are some screen shots:ComplexCompex2GLSP4