Conference Schedule

April 2, 2020

 2.30 pm:  Welcome and Introductions (Rebecca Biron)                                                    Marianne Hirsch, Silvia Spitta, and Leo Spitzer

 3.00—4.45 pm:  What Do Exhibits Do? (John Stomberg)                                                        Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Brian Wallis, Isin Onol, and Deborah Willis    

5.00—6.30 pm:  Zantop Memorial Lecture: “Schooling the Punctum:  What the Children Know” Laura Wexler (Gerd Gemünden)

6.30—8.00 pm: Exhibit viewing and Reception (Hood Atrium)

8.15 pm:  Film Screening Volver a Ver (To See Again) (discussion with  filmmaker        Judith Velez and Silvia Spitta)

April 3, 2020

9.30—10.30 am:  Visit to Orozco Murals with Mary Coffey

10.30 am:  Coffee in Hood Atrium

11:00 am—12:45 pm:  What do Archives Do? (Ivy Schweitzer)—Gilman Auditorium, Hood Museum                                                                                                                              Brenda Child, Gil Hochberg, Angeles Donoso-Macaya, and Jorge Villacorta

12.45—2.00 pm: Lunch

2.15 pm:  Artist Conversation with Susan Meiselas and Lorie Novak (Marianne Hirsch)

3.15 pm:   Coffee

3.45—4.45 pm:  Artist Conversation with Mirta Kupferminc and Sandra Ramos (Leo Spitzer)

5.00—6.45 pm:  What Do Photos Do? (Marianne Hirsch)                                              Ariella Azoulay, Eduardo Cadava, Thy Phu, and Diana Taylor