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Point-to-Point Bike Sharing Comes to Dartmouth

There is just one week left until we launch bike sharing at Dartmouth. Our partner, Zagster, delivered the bikes and Dartmouth’s Parking Director Patrick O’Neill tried one out. See him fly by! More info at:  

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Diversity and Inclusion

From the Ad Council:

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“Moments of Warmth” on a Snowy February Day

A friend who knows of my interest in transit and Canada shared this link. Wouldn’t it be fun to do a bus shelter like this at Dartmouth? This is not intended to promote Duracell.

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Occom Pond Party Preparations

A number of volunteers gathered today to prepare for the Occom Pond Party & Dartmouth’s Winter Carnival next weekend. “Heroes & Villains” is the theme. Under the able direction of Bill Young, snow was piled for sculptures, and ice blocks … Continue reading

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Induced Demand and Road Diet

Recently I read the book ‘Walkable City’ from Jeff Speck. The book discusses in 10 steps how we can make cities better, more attractive and healthier. As always when I read an urban planning book, I wonder how this would … Continue reading

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Playable Campus?

Playable City ideas – like Bristol’s water slide or its temporary play streets – are a human response to the coldness and anonymity of the urban environment. How could we promote a more “Playful Campus?” How about a giant slip … Continue reading

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New paint for pedestrian refuge

On Wheelock Street

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Happy or sad?

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Dartmouth War Memorial Map

As part of the many activities Dartmouth has scheduled for Veterans Day, we have created a War Memorial Map. We highlight 7 sites on campus that commemorate the men and women who have so proudly and valiantly worn the uniforms of our nation’s military.  

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West Wheelock Street Design Charrette

West Wheelock Street Design Charrette- Tell us what you think!  A Plan NH Design Team is coming to Hanover to help sort out the many issues associated with the West Wheelock Corridor.  The Hanover Affordable Housing Commission and Hanover Planning … Continue reading

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