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New Zip Car at Whittemore Circle

We are excited to share that Dartmouth has added a new Zip Car to its collection. The Toyota Prius can be found in front of Whittemore Hall. Check for availability and other details here.

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Dartmouth College Green Commuter Programs 2012

Dartmouth College Green Commuter Programs – next promotional campaign at Dartmouth Employees Wellness Fair , 10/17, Wed, Alumni Hall

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More Walkable Hanover – Head Out Angled Parking

Dan Burden from the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute shares the benefits of Head Out Angled Parking. This video explains how the safest type of parking, Head Out Angled Parking, can be introduced to a community, its safety benefits and … Continue reading

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25 Years Ago Today

The Valley News reported the following in Sunday’s paper “Dartmouth Puts Pressure on Parkers” August 23, 1984: “Hanover – A steep increase in parking fees at Dartmouth College has upset some employees.  the parking fee increase announced in a memo earlier … Continue reading

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Replace On-street Parking with Bike Racks!?

Portland, Oregon did just that…the City removed 2 parallel on-street parking spaces and replaced them with racks that serve about 20 bikes.

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Transportation Vision for Lebanon

Transportation Vision for My City By Frank Gould There is a fair city named Lebanon whose by-ways have long known congestion let’s make positive change across the whole range from bike-ped to car to ten ton. Let’s plan what is … Continue reading

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4th & 5th Graders Design

Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping with a design charette at the local elementary school. ORW, landscape architects, orchestrated a fascinating afternoon for 28 4th & 5th graders.  The students’ charge was to collect information about their school yard.  They were … Continue reading

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College Commuting & Parking Program

The Hanover Planning Board graciously listened to me present a slide show describing “Commuting & Parking at Dartmouth.”   Everyone seemed to survive the evening.  Unfortunately the document is too large for me to post on this blog so it has been … Continue reading

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Dartmouth Plug-In Fleet – why not?

Inspired by Dan Reicher, CEO, and Matt Cloyd ‘10-SLC, I think we should consider converting some of Dartmouth’s vehicles to electric or when we’re buying a new vehicle- buy an electric plug-in.  We should take advantage of the north side … Continue reading

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Increase in Parking Spaces

October parking lot counts show a marked increase in the number of empty spaces.  Why are Dewey Field and Thompson more empty this fall than for the previous 4 years?  Suggestions include change in driving habits – more people are … Continue reading

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