Hans Staden

On April 11, 2013


PLFDDirectors: Luiz Alberto Pereira

Writer: Luiz Alberto Pereira

Actors: Carlos Evelyn, Ariana Messias, Darci Figueiredo

Production Co.: Lapfilme Brasil

Country: Brazil, Portugal

Year: 1999

Language: Portuguese with optional subtitles in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish.

Format: DVD


Summary: In 1550, fifty years after the Portuguese colonization of Brazil began, a German voyager Hans Staden is shipwrecked off the coast of Brazil. He works in the colony for four years. When he is about to return to Europe to receive the due recognition and gold from the King of Portugal, Staden’s Indian slave disappears. While searching for the Indian slave Staden is captured by a hostile cannibal Indian tribe. In order to survive he tries to convince the Indians that he is not Portuguese (their enemies) but a friend of the French (their allies), and that God would be very angry if they were to eat him.


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