5x favela: agora por nós mesmos (5x Favela: Now By Us)

On April 22, 2013

5x fabela agora por nois mesmosPLFD

Directors: Manaira Cameiro, Wagner Novais, Rodrigo Felha, Cacau Amaral, Luciano Vidigal, Cadu Barcellos, Luciana Bezerra

Writers: Rafael Dragaud, Oficina Cidadela/Cinemaneiro (Linha Amarela), Oficina CUFA (Cidade de Deus), Oficina AfroReggae (Parada de Lucas), Oficina Observatório de Favelas (Complexo da Maré)

Actors: João Carlos Artigos, Flavio Bauraqui, Zózimo Bulbul

Production Co.: Globo Filmes, Luz Mágica

Country: Brazil

Language: Dialogue in Portuguese, with optional subtitles in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish.

Format: DVD

Year: 2010


Summary: The project ‘5X favela, agora por nós mesmos’ gathered over 80 young people from Rio’s favelas (slums), selected through workshops, script and filmmaking techniques to create a feature film consisting of five stories that reflect different facets of the daily lives of residents of these communities. The five stories speak of ethics and education, friendship and love, solidarity and tolerance, family and community, without ignoring the violence and the daily difficulties suffered by its residents.

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