Canção da primavera

On June 24, 2013

download-cancao-da-primaveraPLFDDirectors: Igino BonfioliCyprien Segur

Writers: Aníbal MatosAníbal Matos

Actors: Iracema AleixoNaná AndradeLucinda Barreto

Production Co.: Bonfioli Filmes

Country: Brazil

Year: 1923

Language: Silent film with Portuguese intertitles

Format: VHS

Summary: In 19th century Minas Gerais, wealthy farmer Luiz Roldao has made a deathbed promise to his father to unite their family with the powerful Bentos by arranging a marriage between his son Jorge and Bento daughter Rosita. However, Jorge is in love with Lina, a girl who lives on his father’s farm. Faced with the impossibility of her future with Jorge, Lina leaves with her elderly father. The problem is solved however, when Jorge’s sister Lili gets engaged with a scion of the Bento family.


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