Meu tio matou um cara

On November 30, 2013

meutiomatouumcaraget it nowDirector(s): Jorge Furtado

Writer(s): Jorge Furtado, Guel Arraes

Actor(s): Deborah Secco, Lázaro Ramos, Dira Paes, Ailton Graça, Darlan Cunha, Renan Gioelli, Sophia Reís

Production Co.: Twentieth Century Fox

Country: Brazil

Year: 2004

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese ; optional Portuguese, English and Spanish subtitles

Format: DVD


Summary: “Boy tries to help his uncle, guilty of a murder case, to prove his innocence. He thinks the uncle has confessed the crime as a cover-up for his girlfriend, who was the wife of the dead man. So he starts a private investigation, with the help of his own friends, also involving the girl he loves”

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