Os Matadores

On December 16, 2013

Os Matadoresget-it-nowDirector: Beto Brant

Writer(s): Marçal Aquino, Fernando Bonassi, Beto Brant, Victor Navas

Actor(s): Chico Díaz, Murilo Benício, Wolney de Assis, Adriano Stuart, Maria Padilha, Stênio Garcia

Production Co.:  Istoé Novo Cinema

Country: Brazil

Year: 1997

Language and subtitle information: Portuguese with no subtitles

Format: VHS



Supplemental Materials: The film focuses on the ethics that exist in the universe of professional killers, in which professionalism is measured by the number of missions accomplished no matter who the target is. Shows a conflict between two professional killers operating along the border between Brazil and Paraguay.

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