Quem matou Pixote?

On December 16, 2013

imgresget-it-nowDirector: José Joffily

Writer(s): Paulo Halm, José Joffily

Actor(s): Cassiano Carneiro, Luciana Rigueira, Joana Fomm, Tuca Andrada, Roberto Bomtempo, Carol Machado, María Luisa Mendonça

Production Co.: Columbia TriStar Home Video

Country: Brazil

Year: 1996

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese

Format: VHS


Summary: Fernando Ramos da Silva gained worldwide recognition at the age of 11 when he starred in Hector Babenco’s film “Pixote, law of the strongest.” A child from the San Paulo slums, da Silva was prevented from developing an acting career by his near-illiteracy and scarcity of roles. This film depicts the context of poverty and injustice that still controls the destiny of the “pixotes,” the street children of Brazilian slums.

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