Villa-Lobos: uma vida de paixão

On December 16, 2013

villa-31get-it-nowDirector: Zelito Viana

Writer:  Joaquim Assis

Actor(s): Antonio Fagundes, Marcos Palmeira, Letícia Spiller, Ana Beatriz Nogueira, José Wilker

Production Co.:  Europa Filmes

Country: Brazil

Year: 2000

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese with optional subtitles in Spanish, English, and French

Format: DVD


Summary: The aging Villa-Lobos attends a gala concert in the Theatre of Rio de Janeiro for a tribute in his honor. The concert brings back memories of his life, including the violence of his father, his mother’s sadness, the disaffection of Lucilia, his first wife, the inability to have children, the lack of acceptance of his art, the possible loss of Mindinha, his great love, and the abyss between genius and madness.

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