On December 22, 2013

get-it-now16403-top5bigode_jenipapoDirector: Monique Gardenberg

Writer(s): Cyrus Nowrasteh, Monique Gardenberg

Actor(s): Henry Czerny, Patrick Bauchau, Marília Pera, Julia Lemmertz, Daniel Dantas, Ana Beatriz Nogueira, Miguel Lunardi, Luís Melo, Otavio Augusto, Jackson Costa

Production Co.: Sagres

Country: Brazil, USA

Year: 1995

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese.

Format: VHS


Summary: “Michael is a U.S. journalist who works for a Brazilian newspaper. One day he is put in charge of interviewing Father Louis Stephen, a famed Catholic missionary who helps the needy in the jungles of Brazil. Yet he has one problem: the Father has rarely ever given an interview. However, Michael decides that he will be the first to have interviewed the Father personally, and goes on a journey to the center of Brazil, in search of the priest. Michael will soon know how hard it can be to get an interview, and that the Father’s apparent media-shyness has deeper implications than he thought”–IMDb.

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