Policarpo Quaresma: Herói do Brasil

On December 26, 2013

policarpo-quaresma-poster01get-it-now1Director: Paulo Thiago

Writer: Alcione Araujo

Actor(s): Paulo José, Giula Gam, Ylia São Paulo, Antonio Calloni, Antonio Pedro, Bete Coelho, Chico Diaz, Claudio Mamberti, Carlos Gregorio, David Pinheiro, Fernando Eiras, José Lewgoy

Production Co.: Paramount Home Entertainment

Country: Brazil

Year: 1998

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese; subtitles in Portuguese

Format: DVD


Summary: “Policarpo is a chauvinistic patriot, a major who tries to find solutions for Brazilian problems using only the resources of his own country. His visionary and idealistic temperament is behind his strange ideas about how to build a great nation”–IMDb plot summary.

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