Olhar estrangeiro

On December 29, 2013

olhar-estrangeiro-originalget-it-now11Director: Lúcia Murat

Writer(s): Lúcia Murat, Tunico Amâncio

Actor(s): Interviews with Michael Caine, Hope Davis, Zalman King, Jon Voight, Philippe de Broca, Robert Ellis Miller, and others

Production Co.:  Europa Filmes

Country: Brazil

Year: 2006

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese; optional subtitles in Portuguese, English, and French

Format: DVD


Summary: Fantasies and clichés about Brazil and Brazilians as reinforced by international films, even those actually shot in Brazil. This documentary features interviews with non-Brazilian directors, writers and stars who have been involved in some of those films.  Based on the book O Brasil dos gringos, by Tunico Amâncio.

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  • Fascinating look at how Hollywood clings to stereotypes about Brazil. Plus I didn’t know there were so many bad American films about Brazil!

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