On January 3, 2014

get-it-now11urlDirector: Ugo Giorgetti

Writer: Ugo Giorgetti

Actor(s): Maria Padilha, Giulia Gam, Otávio Augusto, Jô Soares, Renato Consorte, Elias Andreato, André Abujamra, Décio Pignatari, Tom Zé

Production Co.: Iguana FilmsEuropa Carat Home Video

Country: Brazil

Year: 1995

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese

Format: VHS


Summary: “On a Saturday morning, an advertising crew arrives at a decadent old building downtown São Paulo to shoot a TV commercial. And then everything goes wrong, beginning with a broken elevator. The building itself, built in the 30’s for the upper class, now has problems of every sort: broken elevators, deaths, thefts, and other weird events”–IMDb plot summary.

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