A novela das 8

On January 12, 2014

A Novela das 8get-it-now11Directors: Odilon Rocha

Writer: Odilon Rocha

Actors: Claudia Ohana, Vanessa Giácomo, Mateus Solano, Alexandre Nero

Production Co.: Universal Pictures; Querosene Filmes; Cria Film(e)s; Geração Conteúdo; SABESP; TC Filmes; ANCINE

Country: Brazil

Year: 2011

Language: Dialogue In Portuguese with optional Portuguese subtitles

Format: DVD


Summary: “Brazil, 1978, a group of people live their lives under the dictatorship, the euphoria of disco fever and the fantasy of “Dancin’ Days”, a prime time soap, which fictional drama is set on the homonymous night club in Rio de Janeiro.  After a fatal incident, Amanda and Dora (a high-class prostitute addicted to the TV drama, and her “maid”) are forced to run away from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro with the fed Brandão in hot pursuit. While the excitement of visiting the disco “Dancin’ Days” distracts Amanda from the danger of the situation she is in, Dora gets ready to confront her secret past. In a six degrees of separation manner, their destiny will cross with João Paulo, a diplomat who feels like a foreigner in his own country, the revolutionary Vicente and his brother Pedro, and the teenager Caio, who was raised by his grandparents and counts on the support of his friend Mônica as he struggles to be accepted as a gay man. Both youngsters are crazy about disco fever and fascinated by the soap “Dancin’ Days”.–IMDb.

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