A Muralha

On February 13, 2014

a-muralhaDirector(s): Carlos Araújo, Luiz Henrique Rios, Denise Saraceni get it now

Writer: Maria Adelaide Amaral

Actor(s): Ada Chaseliov, Alessandra Negrini, Alexandre Borges, André Gonçalves

Production Co.: Globo Video

Country: Brasil

Year: 2000

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese; optional subtitles in Portuguese

Format: DVD

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Summary: A muralha is about Portugal’s colonization of Brazil in the 18th century. Stories of different characters include: A young Indian girl who is captured and enslaved, a Portuguese family living in Brazil, a young Portuguese girl who makes the rough journey to Brazil to marry the son of a Portuguese family, and a young Jewish girl running away from religious persecution but is forced to marry a fanatic to save her imprisoned father.


2 Responses to “A Muralha”

  • “A muralha” is a mini-series about the Portuguese colonization of Brazil and the “paulistas” living in this vast unknown land. It is interesting to see the relationship between the natives and the paulistas. The themes in this mini-series range from religion to warfare and gold. The lack of white women in Brazil caused many portuguese women to cross the Atlantic Ocean in hopes of finding a husband. Marriage was essential to any woman during this century as well as having children for their loving husband. Overall, I thought the mini-series gave an accurate account of Brazilian history.

  • Watching “A muralha” was interesting because it about the colonization of Brazil. Whenever films such as these are made it is noteworthy to watch how the directors have interpreted and decided to preserve through he media certain aspects of Brazilian life during this time. If your’e interested in history or film, I recommend watching.

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