O Guarani

On April 2, 2014

o guaraniget-it-now11Director(s): Norma Bengell

Writer(s): José Joffily

Actor(s): Márcio Garcia, Tatiana Issa, Glória Pires, Herson Cari, Imara Reis, José de Abreu

Production Co.: N.B. Produções

Country: Brazil

Year: 2009

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese

Format: DVD

Summary: In 17th century Brazil, a family of colonists and their patriarch, Dom Antônio, live in a fortress near the territory of the native Aimoré tribe. The family and the natives, especially Peri, of the Goitacá tribe, live in peace until an ex-priest leads a conspiracy to provoke the Aimoré to attack. Dom Antônio’s daughter, Ceci, escapes with Peri’s help, and their unconditional love unites them across their two cultures.

Supplemental Materials: Based on the novel of the same name by José de Alencar

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