Riacho Doce

On April 15, 2014

get-it-now11Directors: Reynaldo Boury, Luiz Fernando CarvalhoPaulo Ubiratan

Writers: José Lins do Rêgo, Agnaldo SilvaAna Maria Moretzsohn, Márcia Prates

Actors: Vera Fischer, Carlos Alberto Riccelli, Fernanda MontenegroValeria Alencar, Rômulo Arantes, Chiquinho Brandão, Adriana Canabrava, Herson Capri, Ewerton de Castro, Eduardo Felipe

Production Co.: Globo Marcas, Somlivre

Country: Brazil

Year: 2007

Language: In Portuguese.

Format: DVD

Summary: Inspired by the homonymous novel by José Lins do Rêgo, the miniseries is set in a small fishing village in Northeast Brazil and tells the love story of Nô and Eduarda. Respected spiritual leader of the community, Vó Manuela wants her grandson, Nô, to succeed her and does not allow him to fall in love. Endowed with mystical powers, she closes the body of the boy to love. Therefore, all women approaching Nô become cursed. (Translation of excerpt from Memória Globo)

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