Lili: a estrela do crime

On April 19, 2014


Director(s): Lui Fariasget-it-now11

Writer(s):  Aguinaldo Silva, Lui Farias,Vicente Pereira

Actor(s): Betty Faria, Reginaldo Faria, Mario Gomes,

Production Co.: Paramount Pictures

Country: Brazil

Year: 1988

Language: In Portuguese; optional Portuguese subtitles

Format: DVD

Summary: Djanira Ramos Suzano (1944 – 2000), known by the pseudonym  Lili Carabina (Lili Rifle), was a Brazilian bank robber infamously notorious in the 1970s and 80s by joining a gang that used to wear costumes in their criminal actions. Based on the two biographical books, Lili Carabina – retrato de uma obsessão and A História de Lili Carabina, by Aguinaldo Silva.

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