Duas vezes com Helena

On May 1, 2014

revealimgget-it-now11Director: Mauro Farias

Writer: Melanie Dimantas

Actor(s): Fábio Assunção, Christine Fernandes, Carlos Gregório

Production Co.: Europa Filmes

Country: Brazil

Year: 2000

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese; optional Portuguese, English and Spanish subtitles.

Format: DVD


Summary: Polydoro, a 25 year old guy, returns from a long stay in France where he was pursuing his studies during the 1940’s. Back home he mets his former mentor, professor Alberto, who invites him to spend some time with him and wife at the countryside. Polydoro leaves in advance and mets the professor’s wife Helena. She receives him while her husband is away and eventually they both end having an affair. After 4 days together, she abruptly decides to end the affair, asking him to disappear from her life forever. Later, after 25 years, Polydoro encounters the old couple again.

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