On May 4, 2014

personget-it-now11Director: Marina Person

Writer(s): Marina Person


Production Co.: Video Filmes

Country: Brazil

Year: 2007

Language: In Portuguese, optional subtitles in English and Spanish

Format: DVD

Summary: A documentary on the life and work of Brazilian actor, writer, filmmaker, and producer Luiz Sérgio Person. Person (1936-1976) crossed the Brazilian cultural scene like a comet. He acted, wrote, directed and produced works of both cinema and theatre, worked as a commercial director and journalist. He established one of the most solid bodies of work in Brazilian cinema with only five feature films. The most famous of them, “São Paulo S/A” (1965), remains as an unparalleled looking glass into the wide spread impact of Brazil’s industrialization process and the arise of a new middle class. This film stands among the ten most important in Brazilian cinematography. His next film “The Case of the Naves Brothers” was the most courageous cry against the height of the military dictatorship, which was installed in 1964. IMDb

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