Sonhos e desejos

On June 2, 2014

600full-sonhos-e-desejos-posterDirector(s): Marcelo Santiago get-it-now11

Writer(s): Marcelo Santiago, Carolina Monteiro de Barros, Flávia Orlando

Actor(s): Felipe Camargo, Mel Lisboa, Sérgio Marone

Production Co.: Paramount Home Entertainment International, MGM Networks Latin America

Country: Brazil

Year: 2006

Language: Portuguese ; optional Portuguese subtitles

Format: DVD

Summary: It’s a Brazilian romance drama set in the period when the country was governed by a Military Dictatorship. The plot is set in the 70’s and it’s about a couple, CRISTIANA (Mel Lisboa) e SAULO (Filipe Camargo), that are part of a rebellious armed group which tries to fight against the dictator regime and its oppression, believing in a better future and a free country. During one of those operations one of their companions, VASLAV (Sérgio Marone) is injured in his hand and SAULO takes he to his place in order to CRISTIANA take care of him, until he gets healed. Everything is alright until the moment which starts rising a profound complicity and friendship between CRISTIANA and VASLAV. It’s the beginning of a complex love triangle.

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