O vestido

On June 13, 2014

vestido-poster01get-it-now11Director: Paulo Thiago

Writer(s):  Haroldo Marinho BarbosaCarlos Drummond de Andrade (poem)

Actor(s): Ana Beatriz Nogueira, Leonardo Vieira, Gabriela Duarte

Production Co.: Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment

Country:  Brazil

Year: 2003

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese; Portuguese, English, Spanish and French subtitles.

Format: DVD


Summary: “Ulisses has failed in his professional life, but leads a happy life with his wife Ângela and their two daughters. Until the day he is introduced to Bárbara, a very beautiful woman living in Rio de Janeiro. Ângela becomes her friend and gives her the dress Ulisses had given her. From then on, marital problems arise, and he becomes increasingly attracted to Bárbara”–IMDb plot summary. Based on the story by Carlo Herculano Lopes inspired by the poem “Caso do Vestido” by Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

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