O cheiro do ralo

On July 30, 2014

220px-Ocheiro_largeget-it-now11Director: Heitor Dhalia

Writer(s): Heitor Dhalia, Marçal Aquino

Actor(s): Selton Mello, Paula Braun, Silvia Lourenço

Production Co.: Universal Pictures Brasil

Country: Brazil

Year: 2006

Language and subtitle information: In Portuguese; optional English and Portuguese subtitles.

Format: DVD


Summary: Lourenço, the owner of a pawn shop, who buys used goods from people during their hard times. He is insensitive to his customers’ conditions or personal stories. This lack of emotions makes him see people, as well as objects, as something to be bought. His main pleasure comes from some perverse power games with his customers. Falling in love with a waitress’s butt makes his life out of control.

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