Tempos de paz

On November 21, 2014

Temposget-it-now117Director: Daniel Filho

Writer: Bosco Brasil

Actor(s): Tony Ramos, Dan Stulbach, Louise Cardoso

Production Co.:  Europa Filmes

Country: Brazil

Year: 2010

Language: In Portuguese; optional subtitles in English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Format: DVD

Summary: “The entire story takes place on the 18th of April in the year of 1945. Battles had ceased in Europe, but Brazil still found itself technically at war. The encounter between the interrogator, a customs official and former-torturer for the Political Police of President Vargas and a former Polish actor who had lived through the horrors of war but who was also suspected of being a Nazi fugitive, takes place in the immigration office of the port of Rio  de Janeiro. The film portrays a critical period in Brazilian history and speaks of Manichaeism and the fight for life”–Latincouver web site.

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