Irmãos coragem

On August 13, 2015

imagesget-it-now117 2Director(s): Daniel Filho, Milton Gonçalves, Reynaldo Boury

Writer(s): Nelson Caldas Filho

Actor(s): Tarcísio Meira, Glória Menezes, Claudio Marzo

Production Co.: Som Livre

Country: Brazil

Year: 1970

Language: N/A

Format: DVD

Summary: Telenovela set in Coroado, a village in the interior of Brazil’s state of Goiás. Explores the struggle of the Coragem brothers, João, Duda, and Jerônimo. Plot lines include the love between Jerônimo and his foster sister, Potira, and the affair between João and the psychologically troubled Maria de Lara, who has three personalities. Other characters include the brothers’ father, the feared Colonel Pedro Barros, absolute master of Coroado, and his brother Ricardo.

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