A falta que me faz

On August 15, 2015

A-Falta-que-me-Fazget-it-now117 2Director: Marília Rocha

Writer(s): N/A

Actor(s): Valdénia Ribeiro, Alessandra Ribeiro, Priscila Rodrigues

Production Co.: Lume Filmes

Country: Brazil

Year: 2009

Language and subtitle information: Dialogue in Portuguese; with optional English and Portuguese subtitles

Format: DVD

Summary: In the Espinhaço Mountains one winter, a group of small-town Brazilian girls are coming to the end of their adolescence. Impossible romances link them with men from the outside, leaving marks on their bodies and the surrounding landscape. Among the parties, friendships, anxieties and contradictions of their passage into adulthood, each of the friends finds her own particular way to resist the changes and to live with the tangle of uncertainty.

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