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get-it-now117 2150913_condor_operacao_documentarioDirector: Roberto Mader

Writer: Roberto Mader

Actor(s): N/A

Production Co.: Coleção Canal Brasil

Country: Brazil

Year: 2007

Language and subtitle information: Dialogue in Portuguese, with optional Portuguese or English subtitles.

Format: DVD

Summary: In the mid-1970’s, right-wing military dictatorships gained political power in much of South America. With the military and financial support of the United States, they put together a special intelligence unit to help put down leftist resistance groups that were growing among the disenchanted citizens in their countries. Known as Operation: Condor, this organization was soon masterminding political assassinations, kidnappings, and other terrorist acts in the name of supporting democracy at any cost. Using rare newsreel footage of political unrest in South America and interviews with those involved in Operation: Condor, Roberto Mader follows the birth of the operation, documents some of its more heinous actions, and attempts to determine who was responsible within the organization.

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