Se nada mais der certo

On August 15, 2015

Se Nada 01get-it-now117 2Director: José Eduardo Belmonte

Writer(s): José Eduardo Belmonte, Luis Carlos Pacca

Actor(s): Cauã Reymond, Caroline Abras, João Miguel

Production Co.: Imovision

Country: Brazil

Year: 2008

Language and subtitle information: Dialogue in Portuguese, with optional Portuguese and English subtitles

Format: DVD

Summary: Three people in São Paolo have big problems. A journalist loses his job, can’t pay the rent, and owes back taxes. His roommate is a clinically depressed sexually ambiguous drug addict with a kid. Add to the mix a taxi cab driver who is in serious need of a psychologist. While their friendship grows, they all fall deeper into a life of crime.

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