Cabeça a prêmio

Director: Marco Ricca Writer(s): Marco Ricca, Felipe Braga Actor(s): Alice Braga, Marco Ricca, Ana Braga Production Co.: Europa Filmes Country:...

13th Aug

A arte do insulto: a stand-up comedy

Director: Leonardo Liberti Writer(s): N/A Actor(s): Rafinha Bastos Production Co.: Microservice technologia digital da Amazonia...

14th Apr

Bela noite para voar

The presidency of Juscelino Kubitschek was a time of great political optimism for Brazil.

13th Apr

Abril despedaçado

Two families, who both grow sugar cane, have been squabbling over the ownership of a piece of land for years.

13th Apr


Director: José Joffily Writer: Regina Zappa Actor(s): Frei Beto, Tessy Callado, Carlos Heitor Cony Production Co.: Biscoito Filmes Country:...

17th Nov


Artur, a pathologist, becomes obsessed with the corpse of a young woman which was strangely perserved.

17th Nov