Das tripas coração

An elite women's college is having financial and administrative problems.

31st May

Doutores da alegria

A group of clowns, Doutores da Alegria, travel to different hospitals throughout Brazil to bring happiness to hospitalized children.

18th May

Epopéia euclydeacreana

History of Acre and its people through the eyes of one of the major Brazilian writers of the 20th century, Euclydes da Cunha.

18th May


Engraçadinha is a sexy teenager, with whom every man wants to get involved with, except her cousin Sílvio, the only man she loves.

06th May

Doce Delírio

Director: Manoel Paiva Writer(s):  Manoel Paiva, João Manuel Rodrigues Actor(s): Barbara Fazio, Claudia Alencar, Eduardo Tornaghi...

05th May

Dona Violante Miranda

Director: Fernando De Barros Writer(s):  José Cañizares, Fernando De Barros Actor(s):  Dercy Gonçalves, Odete Lara, Marina Freire Production...

05th May