Meu país

Director: André Ristum Writer(s): Marco Dutra, Octavio Scopelliti, André Ristum Actor(s): Rodrigo Santoro, Cauã Raymond,...

30th Aug

Onde está a Felicidade?

Theodora, the host of a food program on TV, is undergoing a marriage crisis and has just lost her job.

30th Aug

Maldita coincidência

A film about finding meaning in life. A group of young people live in an abandoned mansion in downtown São Paulo.

30th Aug

Malu de bicicleta

Director: Flavio Ramos Tambellini Writer: Marcelo Rubens Paiva Actor(s): Maria Manoella, Marcelo Serrado, Fernanda de...

15th Aug

Muita calma nessa hora

Director: Felipe Joffily Writer(s): Rik Nogueira, Augusto Casé , João Avelino Actor(s): Gianne Albertoni, Débora Lamm, Andréia Horta Production Co.: Europa...

13th Aug

Nosso lar

Life after death is the main theme in this drama about the process of transformation of a man during his surprising and enlightening experiences in the spiritual dimension.

14th Apr