Célio Rocha tries to persuade his childhood friend to give away all his possessions to the poor.

11th Dec

Timor Lorosae

Documents the violence of Indonesian Armed Forces toward civilians during their occupation of East Timor.

11th Dec

Zuzu Angel

Director: Sérgio Rezende Writer(s): Sérgio Rezende, Marcos Bernstein Actor(s): Patrícia Pillar, Daniel de Oliveira, Luana...

06th Dec

Eu, tu, eles

Depicts the relationship between an ordinary woman and her three husbands, who all live together.

30th Nov

Capitães de abril

In 1974 Portugal, the words of poet Jose Alfonso in the banned song "Grandola" sparks a revolution.

30th Nov


A wounded revolutionary is isolated in another man's apartment and meets a life-changing woman.

30th Nov