Rocha que voa

A documentary of Brazilian filmmaker and political activist Glauber Rocha's year of exile in Cuba from between 1971 and 1972.

28th Jul

Sonhando com milhões

Director: Eurides Ramos Writer(s): Abílio Pereira de Almeida, Eurides Ramos Actor(s): Dercy Gonçalves, Odete Lara, Oswaldo Loureiro...

25th Jul

Pintando o sete

Catito, a clown, manages to flee a forced marriage, by hiding inside Dr. Cláudio's car trunk. In Rio de Janeiro, his host forces him to impersonate the famous painter Picansô, to impress his girlfriend Sílvia's friends.

21st Jun

O amigo invisível

A seven year old girl and her invisible friend.

21st Jun

A moreninha

Carolina invites some old friends to her house on Paquetá Island in order to find her childhood love.

21st Jun

Gatão de meia idade

The story of a forty-year old, middle-class designer's relationships with his daughter, ex-wife, former girlfriends and his present girlfriend.

20th Jun