Engraçadinha is a sexy teenager, with whom every man wants to get involved with, except her cousin Sílvio, the only man she loves.

06th May


Mutum means mute. Mutum is a black bird that sings at night. It's also the name of a remote place in the Brazilian hinterland, where Thiago lives with his family.

25th Apr

O bandido da luz vermelha

The Red Light Bandit, so called because he uses a red flashlight while robbing, raping and killing, is pursued by the police in an increasingly apocalyptic setting involving political corruption, terrorism and ultimately UFOs.

25th Apr

O Espiritismo: de Kardec aos dias de hoje

Presents an overview of the Spiritist Doctrine, codified by Alan Kardec, and its contribution to the progress and the happiness of the human being.

24th Apr

Lili: a estrela do crime

Lili Carabina (Lili Rifle), was a Brazilian bank robber infamously notorious in the 1970s and 80s by joining a gang that used to wear costumes in their criminal actions.

19th Apr

Riacho Doce

Inspired by the homonymous novel by José Lins do Rêgo, the miniseries is set in a small fishing village in Northeast Brazil and tells the love story of Nô and Eduarda.

15th Apr