Dedé Mamata

A Brazilian teenage boy becomes more interested in drugs and his best friend than in carrying on his respected grandparent's political activity.

11th Apr

Lição de amor

A German governess is hired to give German and piano lessons to the teenager son of a rich traditional family, in the 20s.

09th Apr

Dias e noites

"In 1945, the teenager Clotilde is a rebel in the conservative countryside of Rio Grande do Sul."-- IMDb.

08th Apr

Um certo Capitão Rodrigo

Director: Anselmo Duarte Writer: Eŕico Verissimo (novel) Actor(s): Francisco Di Franco, Elza De Castro, Newton...

07th Apr

Assim era a atlântida

Documentary of the Brazilian "chanchadas" of old (1949-1959), focusing on films in the archives of Atlântida, the main studio specializing in the genre, as well as the development of the actors and of color film.

06th Apr

5 fracões de uma quase história

In the first story, a photographer with a foot fetish plans to find a job involving his obsession, but has problems finding the ideal model.

05th Apr