O Guarani

In 17th century Brazil, a family of colonists and their patriarch, Dom Antônio, live in a fortress near the territory of the native Aimoré tribe.

02nd Apr

Roque Santeiro

This telenovela takes place in the fictional town of Asa Branca, in northeastern Brazil.

01st Apr

Grande sertão

A story about two groups of "Jagunços" who were enemies in a poor region of Brazil.

16th Feb

Sinhá Moça

Young people in the State of São Paulo fight against black slavery. Against this backdrop, Sinhá Moça falls in love with a young lawyer.

16th Feb

A casa das sete mulheres

Seven women living in agricultural Brazil during the revolutionary war of 1835 undergo their own trials as they wait for their men to return.

16th Feb

A Muralha

A muralha is about Portugal's colonization of Brazil in the 18th century.

13th Feb