A ostra e o vento

A group of sailors arrive at a deserted island to find out why there has been no radio contact with it.

25th Nov

Guerra de Canudos

Director(s): Sergio Rezende Writer(s): Paulo Halm, Sergio Rezende Actor(s): José Wilker, Cláudia...

11th Nov

Anahy de las misiones

Director(s): Sérgio Silva Writer(s): Gustavo Fernández, Tabajara Ruas Actor(s): Araci Esteves, Marcos...

11th Nov

Boleiros – era uma vez o futebol

A comedy exploring the culture of soccer players, ex-players, media and fans in São Paulo.

18th Jul

Bananas Is My Business

Director Helena Solberg goes behind-the-scenes to convey the true life story of Carmen Miranda.

22nd Apr

Central do Brasil

A lonely retired school-teacher reluctantly takes an orphaned child under her wing.

11th Apr