Cineastas indígenas. Kuikuro

Director(s): N/A Writer(s): N/A Actor(s): N/A Production Co.: Documenta Kuikuro Country: Brazil Year: 2007...

24th Oct

Manoel de Oliveira: 100 anos

The centennial of Manoel de Oliveira and this special edition gives an overview of the work of most international of Portuguese filmmakers.

22nd Oct

Celeste & Estrela

Paulo Estrela, a film critic, is waiting at the airport. There he meets a receptionist, a novice filmmaker, who found Paulo's course in film very rewarding. The two discuss his plans to debut as a director of long films.

26th Sep


A documentary on the life and work of Brazilian actor, writer, filmmaker, and producer Luiz Sérgio Person.

04th May